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If You Had a Big Win on the Races
- Would You Keep It a Secret?

In a survey, Aussieraces.com asked 400 punters if they agreed with the following statement -

                                   ‘I tell my family about my big wins’

Would you let on to family about your good fortune if you had a large collect on the races?  If so, you would be in the minority. Only 26% of the respondents (102) in our survey agreed that they would tell their family about a big win. The remaining 74% (298) indicated they would keep ‘mum’ about their good luck.

We also asked survey respondents if they agreed with the statement -

                                  ‘I tell my friends about my big wins’

Even fewer punters would be inclined to let on about a big win to their friends. Just 22% said they would share the news of their good fortune with them.

Interestingly, respondents who were likely to tell their family about a big win were also highly likely to do the same with friends. Only a very small minority of respondents reported they would share the news of a big win with only ‘family’ or only ‘friends’ to the exclusion of the other.

So now you know – if one of your family or friends collects a bundle of money via the races – the odds are that they are not going to let you in on the secret. However, telltale signs such as empty bottles of Moet lying around, or a shiny, new Maserati Coupe parked in the driveway may be all the evidence you need.