Prize Money

Horse Racing Prize Money Increases
and Their Implications For Punters

Victoria increased prize money significantly for thoroughbred horse races in the state from January 1st 2019.

Prize money was increased disproportionately for various classes of races and the differences have major implications for trainers, owners and punters. 
Basically the more prize money on offer for a particular race, the more trainers and owners will target the race so the more money on offer the stronger will be the class of horse entered for it.

Particular classes of races have had big prize money increases meaning that those classes now attract a stronger class of competitor.

The table below shows some key classes and the level of prize money increases for those classes


 Prize Money 2018

 Prize Money 2019


Mid Week Metro Maiden



      + 66%

Country Premier Races




Saturday Metro Races



      + 30%

Mid Week Metro Races



      + 25%

Country Maiden Races




As the table shows, some classes have had huge prize money increases and others none. The implications of this are immense. The most significant prize money increase was 66% for midweek metro maiden races. The greater the increase, the more trainers and owners target those races meaning that races like mid week metro maidens will now attract stronger quality fields.

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