Australian Horse Racing and Betting Survey (2012)

If you are involved in the horse racing industry you will be interested in the findings from our latest study, the Australian Horse Racing and Betting Survey.

We surveyed punters who between them operated over 1,000 on line betting accounts with corporate bookmakers, the TABs and Betfair.
The survey responses were collated and analysed to provide a detailed and up to the minute picture of the Australian horse racing wagering scene.

The research data and report from the study will provide companies or organisations involved in the Australian horse racing and betting industry with valuable consumer insights and a rich resource for use in marketing, customer profiling, product planning, competitor analysis and policy making. You can obtain your copy of the detailed 50 page report for only $390 (Please see how to purchase below).

Information about the study on this page includes -
1. Topics Covered
2. Background to the Study
3. Research Methodology Used
4. How To Obtain Your Copy of the Report

1. Topics Covered
The market research survey covered three key areas -

A.Corporate Bookmaker, TAB & Betfair UsageA comprehensive exploration of the Australian horse racing wagering environment from the consumers’ perspective. Included are details of which wagering companies punters prefer, their opinions of companies and their products, how many accounts they operate, how much they bet each week and the extent to which they bet on other mediums (sport, casinos, the pokies etc).

B.Horse Racing Industry Issues– Consumer opinions of current issues including the advertising of odds during sporting events, the control of Australian horse racing, the potential banning of jumps racing, how much horse racing punters' want and suggestions from bettors around the country on how the industry could be improved.

C.Consumer Betting Habits and Behaviours– An in depth look at how punters bet, how much they bet, what motivates them to bet, their use of mobiles phones to bet, whether or not they believe they make a profit from their betting, their self perception as punters, the issue of problem gambling and more.

2.Background to the Study
The Australian Horse Racing and Betting Survey was given the green light after we recognised the need for more up to date data in the area of corporate bookmaker, betting agency and betting exchange usage, consumer opinions of racing industry issues and the demand for greater insight into the attitudes, betting habits and behaviours of punters.

The need for this kind information is further emphasized in the current climate of corporate bookmaker growth, with the increased scrutiny and regulation of the industry, and with the present strong political focus on the issue of problem gambling.

Our knowledge of the horse racing and betting industry together with our experience in the field of market research enabled us to fully understand the task at hand and to design a study that asked the pertinent questions.

3. Research Methodology
The research study involved five stages –
1. Identification of the key issues.
2. Determination of what information was required.
3. Planning the research technique.
4. Gathering of the data.
5. Analysis and interpretation of the data.

The on line study was conducted through the web site and surveyed corporate bookmaker, betting agency and betting exchange account holders. Respondents were asked a total of 35 questions and sub questions (See ‘Survey Questionnaire’ ) and were sourced via a concerted advertising campaign that included Google Adwords advertisements on horse racing related web sites, use of email mailing lists targeting racing enthusiasts and advertisements in the racing press (Winning Post , The Sportsman etc).

4. How To Order Your Copy of the Report
The 'Australian Horse Racing and Betting Survey Report' is available to all interested parties and can be purchased for only $390 - that amount is just a fraction of what it would cost an individual company to commission a research study of this size and type.

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