Bart Cummings

Our Top 10 Bart Cummings Quotes

It seems that nearly everyone has a Bart Cummings story. And they are all interesting and unique – just like the man himself. Australian horse racing lost an icon this week and will never be the same again.

Bart was known for his horse racing know how and his dry wit but was a very private man. According to his track rider Joe Agresta “If you think you know Bart - you don’t know Bart”.

Here are our top 10 Bart Cummings quotes -

(1) “I loved being in his company” (Jockey Darren Beadman).

(2) “I always look on the bright side of everything. If you’re aiming for some goal, you usually get there - if you don’t give up” (Bart Cummings).

(3) “He was a very smart, intelligent man – he could have been anything he wanted to be. He could have been the prime minister of Australia
” (Joe Agresta).

(4) “He taught me a lot about horses - and a lot about life” (Joe Agresta).

(5) “He would very rarely give instructions. He would say – "You’ve ridden a horse before – you know how to ride a horse”. He always made you feel he had a lot of confidence in his jockeys. I think he basically helped a lot of jockeys to win races” (Darren Gauci).

(6) “Patience is a virtue – possess it if you can” (Bart Cummings).

(7) “He was a calm and patient man – and his horses were very similar” (Darren Gauci).

(8) “In hindsight – everything is much clearer” (Bart Cummings).

(9) “If you were prepared to listen – Bart would always have something constructive to say” (Jockey Hugh Bowman).

(10) “In this game – you never stop learning – never” (Bart Cummings).

And the final word goes to his son, successful trainer Anthony Cummings who once said “He taught me everything I know about horses – but not everything he knows”.

                            September 2015