Great Quadrella

Great News For Quadrella Punters

Centrebet's announcement that they will pay 'Best Tote Quadrellas' is a real breakthrough for Quaddie bettors. The corporate bookmaker is offering ‘Best Tote Quadrellas’ on all Saturday metropolitan meetings. Centrebet have advised that this is not just a promotion but that it has been introduced on a permanent basis.

The big three totes UBET (Qld TAB), the NSW TAB and the Victorian TAB all offer Quadrellas. An study of Quadrella dividends shows that there can be a great variance in payouts. On looking at Quadrella dividends this year we found that there was an average difference of 26% between the lowest and the highest Quadrella tote payouts on Saturday metropolitan meetings in Melbourne and Sydney.

On many occasions the difference between the lowest and highest Quadrella dividends was much greater. For example on Saturday, February 4th this year the Quadrella payouts from the big three TABs on the Caulfield races were as follows;

                        UBET              Victorian TAB              NSW TAB
                       $8,596                  $8,145                    

Those punters who collected the NSW TAB’s Quadrella dividend of $11,723 were pretty happy with themselves compared to those got a payout from one of the other TABs. The difference between the highest and the lowest dividends was a whopping +43.9%.

In such situations Centrebet’s ‘Best Tote Quadrellas’ would kick in and you would collect the highest Quadrella dividend. How does this compare to other corporate bookmakers? If you took the very same Quadrella with Sportsbet you would have lost out, because you would have automatically been paid the Victorian TAB Quadrella dividend. With William Hill you could have fared better, as they offer you the choice of taking either the Ubet, Victorian TAB or NSW TAB dividend. Of course the only problem is that you have to specify which dividend you want before the events are run. Centrebet stands alone in guaranteeing you the ‘Best Tote Quadrella' payout - and considering we have found that sometimes the highest Quadrella tote dividend can be over 100% greater than the lowest Quadrella tote payout - the benefit of Centrebet's 'Best Tote Quadrella' can clearly be enormous. 

If you haven’t got an account with Centrebet as yet you can click on the link below, check out what they have to offer and consider opening one. Doing so could make a big difference to the amount of your next Quadrella collect.